Application of Soundproof and Sound Dampening Curtains

Many people can not fall sleep for the noise, even the lowest voice is loudly to them to sleep. The reason mostly might because the psychological comparison or they are too nervous. They do anything they can to reduce the noise or sound, even the interior decoration items. Such as soundproof curtain that can be call sound dampening Curtain. What they do just want to have good sleep at night.

How does a sound dampening curtain reduce the noise when use for home decoration? First hanging up a thick thermal curtain in front of the window or paste an explosion-proof cover on the window to keep sound out. What method you choose is depend, some people paste a cover while the others hanging up a thick curtain. Or both two ways are used together for some people. After examination, thick cotton curtain has good quality on noise reducing.


Our body moves a lots when we are sleeping. The best time for our heart, liver and lung to take rest is 11 pm to 5 am. If you can sleep well during the time, they are heath. For our heath, take care on sleeping time. Hanging up a sound dampening Curtain
in the room to reduce the unwanted noise and help you have good sleep at night.

sound dampeningcurtain

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