How To Decorate a Bathroom with Blue Shower Curtain?

It is unavoidable for you to the bathroom when you have a visit to your friend. Lots of houses have a pure white bathroom decoration, with all white items in bathroom, white walls and white floor. It is clean and tidy but monotonous without any live flavor. So how do we make bathroom to be a lively place? The answer is blue shower curtain would be good solution.

White background cloth pattern with floral blue shower curtain meet modern fashion ideal. Meeting white floor and white walls bathroom easy outstanding the beautiful flowers. Making room look elegant and cozy. Look like there are lotus bloom in the water. The whole bathroom is fresh and good to look at.


Striped blue shower curtain also a good ideal for bathroom decoration for which has fresh concise strip pattern to match all room styles. Gradient blue color shower curtain decorate bathroom look like the waving lake with shinny wave under the sunlight shining. And striped pattern is very popular in British country style, match with natural quality furniture is rustic and antique flavor.

blue shower curtain

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